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I'm a bit of a Jane-of-all-trades.


What good is an application if no one can use it?

I take vague "we want this thing, there" statements and turn them into concrete mockups and designs that satisfy stakeholders and users alike.

  • My designs have been used by millions of customers (I'm still amazed!).
  • My favorite UX book is "Don't Make Me Think" by Steve Krug.
  • My UX tools of choice are: white boards, graph paper, Balsamiq, Invision, and HTML / CSS.


Boy do I love to code. I love 4 space indentations, using tags semantically, and not over-nesting my SCSS / LESS. I also have a newfound love for BEM.

Responsive design is my world. I cry on the inside when I see a site that isn't responsive, and fight for those mobile users when a stakeholder says they want to limit access.

I'm continually trying to improve the accessibility and performance of my sites as well.

JS / [ insert framework here ]

I started my front-end career focusing on HTML and CSS, but JavaScript fascinates me.

  • After using jQuery for a while, I took a JS course with The Iron Yard to get further into building apps.
  • I created an exercise competition app using React and Backbone.
  • I built a demo app in Angular showing real-time incoming messages (using the MQTT protocol) from lighting fixtures.
  • And I take every JS opportunity I get because I'm dying to learn more.

Speaking and Teaching

I've taught at two schools: The Iron Yard and Pinellas Technical College. I find teaching one of the most pleasurable ways for me to give back to my community and share my knowledge.

I also drop knowledge at conferences and meetups sometimes.

Other Tools and Tech

  • Jekyll, WordPress, WebStorm, Sublime Text, Gulp, Grunt, GitHub, Photoshop, Illustrator, BitBucket, Visual Studio, TFS, Invision, Balsamiq, Sketch